Why London is the No.1 Place to Do Business

Why London is the No.1 Place to Do Business

At Landmark Plc, we've called London home for over 13 years.

It all started back in 2000 in The City, and since then our portfolio has grown steadily, with each new venue primed and picked for its location, prestige and personality. Our most recent addition is in Mayfair, at the superb 48 Dover Street, and it's set to be the first of a new West End group of Landmark properties.

So it's fair to say that we're committed to the capital. But why London?

As if you need to ask! The city is the beating heart of the UK - an economic powerhouse that's one of the world's leading financial and cultural centres. The capital has produced some of the best business leaders (Sir Richard Branson, anyone?), artists (Led Zeppelin), inventions (the Tuxedo) and cultural icons (the red phone box - oh, and Big Ben) the world has ever seen.

In case you need any further evidence, here are just some of the many reasons why London is THE place to do business:

Best Startup Scene

There's a sizzling startup scene in London that's alive with investment opportunities, incubators, networking, and inspiration. Tech City, which aims to make London the digital capital of Europe, offers a buzzing startup scene and hosts some of the world's brightest and best tech-savvy minds. Research shows that London also has the highest proportion of female tech entrepreneurs in Europe. It's where great minds come together and revolutionary ideas are born.

Best Transport Infrastructure

As the oldest underground railway network in the world, the London Underground might be a golden oldie - but it's certainly not showing its age. At 150 years young, this super-efficient system carries 1,229 million passengers every year - to work, to the shops, to the airport, to the theatre, to home, to the pub, and everywhere in-between. London boasts one of the world's largest overground and underground rail networks and its airports are pretty impressive too. Heathrow is Europe's largest air hub, and alongside Gatwick, it could be due for massive extensions to handle yet more passengers (and more holidays!) by 2050.

Best Social Scene

Two words: West End. London's famous theatre circuit is one of the main reasons so many millions of people visit The Swinging City each year. From long-running classics to the edgy modern craze of immersive theatre, not to mention the enormously diverse range of pubs, clubs, bars and restaurants lining every street, London is home to one of the UK's - and the world's - best social scenes. Now that's entertainment!

Best Views

For some serious eye candy, the London skyline is peppered with amazing landmarks and the best thing is, there are no end of ways to appreciate those views. Head skywards in The Shard, spin slowly around the London Eye or take an external lift in our very own Heron Tower business centre. Whichever way you look at it, the London skyline is simply world class.

Best Workspace

Not to blow our own trumpet, but London really is home to some of the UK's best places to work. From the corporate might of Canary Wharf and shared startup-friendly workspaces in Shoreditch, to the fabulously flexible award-winning professional workspaces from yours truly, office space in London is simply unbeatable.

Take a look at our portfolio of office space across The City and the West End, and you'll soon see why London is the No.1 place to do business.

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