Tried-and-tested: Top 5 coffee shops in the City

Tried-and-tested: Top 5 coffee shops in the City

There's nothing like a double espresso to get you fired up and ready for the day ahead in the office. Even better, stopping off during the morning commute to pick up the goods somehow makes the journey more worthwhile.  There's just one problem. The City of London is packed to the filters with cafés and coffee shops.
So which do you choose? It's a grande old question we've been brewing over, too. So we sent our very own Jenny Maynard to investigate (it's a dirty job but someone's got to do it, right?)


Jenny spent many a morning on her office commute sampling caffeinated delights from coffee shops across The City, and came up with 5 of her favourites. Any (or all) of these lovely tried-and-tested places are worth a shot. Or a double, if you feel so inclined.  Talk about the daily grind...

1.  Notes at the Gherkin (30 St Mary Axe, EC3A 8EP)


 This slick and stylish coffee house has it's own roastery to ensure that the finest beans are used for each beverage.  Jenny loves the London coffee chain because "as well as serving amazing coffee, they also have good deals on, such as 'Buy one get one free' and they reward local businesses with discounts and deals."  The specialty coffee house also serves a selection of wine and craft beer, and describes its location as a "day to evening space". 

Best for: Competition winning coffee in a stylish space, that serves from morning until night.


2. Café Nero (50 St Mary Axe)


Jenny says: "There's a great buzz as you walk in. A beaming team of four greet you within moments and your coffee is ready to go in a couple of minutes. Good strong coffee and service with a smile."  Don't be put off by the big brand name. It's a great place to get your daily coffee. It's quick, efficient and a reliable caffeine hit when you’re on the run to work. "For a chain coffee house there is a real community vibe with newbies greeted as warmly as regulars."

Best for: Speed, efficiency and consistently good coffee.


3. The Cosy Coffee Corner (St Mary Woolnoth churchyard, corner of Lombard Street and King William Street, London EC3)


Melina runs this quirly coffee corner in the historic church on the corner of Lombard Street. "Every morning the church entrance is teeming with regulars who savour Melina's fab coffees," says Jenny, who finds it much lighter on the pocket than most places.  "Melina has created a villagey feel with her collection of tables and chairs outside, and there is also a cosy corner in the church for colder days. If you’re feeling peckish she sells her own homemade banana and chocolate muffins too."

Best for: Great coffee worth savouring. Sit in the courtyard and watch the commmuters bustle by.

4. Taylor St Barista (125 Old Broad Street)


Located just underneath our Old Broad Street offices, Jenny was instantly impressed. Where else can you get avocado toast and banana bread with homemade Nutella for breakfast?" This place is swish. On entering you are greeted with a smile and a server with an iPad ready to take your order. Then it's passed down the line of friendly efficient baristas. The coffee house is always crammed to the rafters in the morning, Jenny notes another plus for caffeine fiends. "Taylor St Barista is now affiliated with ‘Bar Pass,’ a free smartphone app which allows you to order coffee from your desk then be notified when it’s ready… Queue no more!"

Best for: Wow Factor.  Seriously smart surroundings and top-notch service.


5. Association Coffee (10-12 Creechurch Lane)


Located about 5 minutes walk from our Holland House and 110 Bishopsgate offices, Association Coffee is perfect for coffee snobs.
"One genuinely feels in the presence of coffee greatness," says Jenny. "If you are a coffee aficionado then Association Coffee is likely to be your commute stop-off. They take coffee seriously and feature different regions on a daily basis. Coffee of the day varies - on my visit they had espresso beans from Ethiopia, and a filter coffee using Kaiguri PB beans from Kenya (beats instant coffee in a Styrofoam cup, hey?)"

Best for: True coffee appreciation - a hidden gem in the back streets of the city.

 That's our rundown of the top 5 coffee chops in The City of London. Which is your favourite?

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