Recent research indicates a surge in demand for serviced offices

Recent research indicates a surge in demand for serviced offices

Serviced offices are currently one of the fastest growing sub sectors in the commercial property market. A recent report released in May 2015 by Deloitte (The London Business Footprint: The Growth of Serviced Offices) shows that in the last decade serviced offices have increased their share of Central London floor space by over 67 per cent.

This dynamic and rapidly evolving marketplace is fast becoming a viable solution for both SMEs and larger corporations to house their employees. Whilst SMEs have traditionally driven the demand for serviced office space, recent research shows multi-national corporations and FTSE 100 companies are now starting to take advantage of the flexible benefits serviced offices can offer.

A global shift in working attitudes

The growing acceptance of serviced offices as a means to house larger organisations over conventional office leasing reflects a global shift in working attitudes. At Landmark Plc, we have found that the increasingly competitive business landscape across the globe has resulted in larger corporations beginning to adopt a more flexible working model in order to keep up with cultural changes and technology offerings.

Naturally, due to the flexibility offered by serviced offices providers like Landmark Plc, organisations are realising the cost benefits over conventional office leasing.  In addition to this, the appeal of a collaborative working environment is in keeping with a more social and forward-thinking business mindset.

The prime locations for serviced offices

Deloitte reported that in 2004 serviced offices were chiefly located in the West End (34 per cent) and the City (28 per cent), accounting for 62 per cent of all serviced office space in Central London. Ten years on, these two distinct districts continue to dominate the market as prime locations for serviced office demand.

Key to obtaining the competitive and cultural edge demanded of larger corporations is access to unique and flexible working environments in these prime locations. Landmark Plc recognises this demand and provides high-quality office space with access to cutting edge technology situated in these key locations. Demand for office space in these areas will continue to grow as multinational corporations start to operate in new territories and require more flexible and unique workspaces without the commitment and cost of traditional leases.


Landmark Plc provides boutique serviced office space in iconic landmark buildings across London. We pride ourselves on providing exceptional services that meet the demands of our clients, giving businesses access to ever-adapting technology and Grade A quality office provision. For more information on the services we provide or to speak to a member of our team about your office requirements, please contact us on or call 020 7977 7700.

* Deloitte The London Business Footprint: The growth of serviced offices , 2015

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