How to Prepare for the Christmas Workation

How to Prepare for the Christmas Workation

It seems Santa isn't the only one working hard this Christmas.

One survey suggests that last year, at least one-third of UK 'workationers' logged-in over the festive break to catch up on emails and churn through their to-do list. And with remote connections becoming ever-more accessible, those figures are only set to rise - so expect a sleigh-load more to be logging in and slogging away this Christmas, too.

It just goes to show that closing the office over Christmas doesn't mean employees can't - or won't - log on. At Landmark Plc, we know that the 9-5 is clearly a thing of the past. Our intelligent secure access system means our clients can use their workspace 24/7, and they certainly do. Weekends, late nights, early mornings and, yes, even on December 25th.

Of course this trend isn't limited to the festive season. The 'workation' applies to employees or business owners who work remotely while on holiday - logging in from their hotel, the local bar or even from the pool. Research from PGi earlier this year found that 42% of employees choose to check in with the office at least once a day while on holiday.

Surprised? Shocked? Probably not - and it's all to do with the ever-blurring line between work and lifestyle.

We all know that there are times when work simply can't stop - not even for Christmas. So here's how, with the help of our sister brand Landmark Technologies, we can help make things a little easier on you and your team. We think 'yule' love it:

  • Holiday cover: Don't be a Scrooge - tell your IT team to take a break over Christmas. A real one. We'll arrange holiday cover for you, taking care of anything from front-line support to server maintenance.
  • Cloud storage: When you or your team are working remotely, use our cloud storage to work from one central source. It means everything's in one place so there's no need to email files to each other or risk working from old versions. It's one more way to help you get the job done quicker, giving you a few more minutes for the Christmas Eve trolley dash.
  • 24/7/365 support: We'll keep things happily humming along, 24/7/365, leaving you and your team to switch off and enjoy the festive cheer. No more short straws for the dreaded Christmas on-call. Your team will love you.

And if you really can't tear yourself away from the office during the festivities, at least you know that with our first-class telecoms and internet connection, you'll be well connected over Christmas.

(But if we do catch you in the office on Christmas Day, we may be forced to pull the plug)

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