Holland House: “Everyone has heard of the Gherkin, and we are right next door”

Holland House: “Everyone has heard of the Gherkin, and we are right next door”

The Gherkin Piazza might be best-known for its dazzling glass-clad ‘Gherkin’ centrepiece. Yet this corner of London is renowned for much more than a contemporary cucumber-shaped skyscraper.

The Piazza is surrounded by a stunning array of historic buildings, including the century-old Grade II listed Holland House. This magnificent structure was built during the First World War and exudes a distinctive maritime ambience, thanks largely to its Art Deco nautical design elements and intricate mosaic interiors.

It’s a fascinating and beautifully preserved piece of architecture, which was clearly evident when hundreds of people queued outside the door during a rare public open day to mark Holland House’s 100 year anniversary.

Yet despite living up to its claim as a national treasure, Holland House certainly isn’t ready to be confined to the history books just yet.

Today, the building is a thriving business hub that’s alive with entrepreneurial activity. It's home to scores of businesses who base their London operations at Holland House’s serviced offices, which provide flexible, growth-friendly offices in the financial heart of London.

Its location right opposite one of the world’s best-known modern landmarks provides a unique opportunity to help business owners gain recognition and growth, and those notable first impressions certainly don’t go amiss either.

But don’t just take our word for it.

Landmark recently interviewed Oliver Stone from award-winning Colibri Aircraft Ltd, an aircraft brokerage company which has been based at Holland House for the past four years.

Originally from Texas in the U.S., Oliver founded his company in London in 2011 and has since enjoyed considerable growth in key locations across Europe. We asked Oliver why he chose to set up his company in London and how Holland House has helped support his journey along the way.

“It’s very helpful to have an office here at Holland House,” he said. “All of our clients - whether they’re based here in London or overseas, when they come to London they all know where it is. Everyone has heard of the Gherkin and we are right next door.

“It’s very central, and it’s very convenient for us to do business here.”

As a client-facing organisation that mediates the sale and purchase of private aircraft, Oliver and his team regularly invite key stakeholders to their offices at Holland House to talk through the complex details of buying or selling aircraft. Despite operating a global business spanning many borders, Oliver maintains that “being there personally with clients makes a big difference.”

As such, the environment into which guests are invited is all-important. For any client-facing company - especially for those handling prestigious accounts in the exclusive private aircraft sector - professionalism, efficiency and first impressions are crucial.

For visitors, this starts with the initial observations of the building and the welcome service on Reception, right through to the lobby interiors and meeting room furnishings - even the taste and quality of the coffee. That’s why Landmark invests carefully in creating a first-class business environment that befits not only a world-famous location and a historic building, but more importantly, the talented entrepreneurs inside that rely on our quality standards to help them grow.

Of course, location plays a vital part in these criteria too.

As Oliver stated during his interview, he enjoys Holland House’s positioning right opposite one of the world’s best-known buildings and he also loves the fact that it is centrally located, within short walking distance of The City’s superb cafes and restaurants.

“We take a lot of clients to The Folly on Gracechurch for lunches,” Oliver said. “It’s very relaxed, never pretentious, and there’s always a seat. For coffee, we love going to The Royal Exchange. Our clients have rarely experienced that kind of setting before. It’s very impressive.”

After all, not every business decision happens behind closed meeting room doors. As we’ve learned from Oliver, and as Holland House enters its next century as a thriving business hub, the old adage ‘location, location, location’ still rings true, now more than ever.

Listen to Oliver’s full interview here: https://www.landmarkplc.com/client-spotlight-podcast

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