Have You Ever Had a Meeting Like THIS?

Have You Ever Had a Meeting Like THIS?

Will Rogers hit the nail squarely on the head when he said: "You never get a second chance to make a good first impression."

Let's face it, if you're working on a lucrative new contract and you've managed to bag a meeting with The Big Cheese, you'd be crackers to invite them to a sub-standard place with microwaved nibbles and a wobbly whiteboard. When you're trying to reflect an air of established professionalism, it doesn't really cut it.

Once those first impressions have sunk in, there's no going back. So why not get it right first time, and treat your client to a meeting experience they will never forget - for all the right reasons?

Allow us to walk you through a typical meeting experience at one of our most prestigious business centres, Heron Tower. The views are to die for, but there are plenty of wow factors on offer even before your No.1 client gets to our front door.

Wow Moment #1:

On arrival, your guests are greeted by Heron Tower's friendly Concierge (complete with bowler hat):

Heron Tower concierge

Wow Moment #2:

Enter the rather fabulous lobby of Heron Tower, home to the UK's largest privately-owned aquarium, where your guests will be received and shown to our high-tech lifts, which are especially 'summoned' for your visitors. A lift, programmed to the correct floor, will be waiting.

Heron Tower lobby

Wow Moment #3:

This is a Heron Tower showpiece: whizz up to our floor in an external lift with glass walls, which offers incredible views of the City. It's not something you ever tire of (but if your guests don't have a head for heights, they can always take the internal lift). Arrive in our spacious reception and our lovely Landmark receptionists will greet your guests and give you the nod.

Landmark reception, Heron Tower

Wow Moment #4:

This is THE moment. Once you've greeted your guests, it's time to show them to your meeting room. Imagine their reaction when they walk into this masterpiece:

Boardroom at Heron Tower

It's got the views, the class, the gadgets and the general X-factor. Who wouldn't be suitably impressed?

Across our portfolio of 6 Central London business centres, we offer everything from fully-equipped boardrooms and interview rooms, to fully-catered event and venue facilities, complete with Wi-Fi, video conferencing and data projection.

Fancy something a little different? You could always host a champagne reception in our beautiful Heron Tower atrium, or treat your guests to canapés on the rooftop terrace of 125 Old Broad Street.

From knock-out views to seriously good cuisine (in a microwave-free zone), THIS is how to make those first impressions count.

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