March into Spring! 5 ways to freshen up your workspace

March into Spring! 5 ways to freshen up your workspace

The arrival of March is a fresh and joyous time of year illustrated by Spring bulbs, longer days and warmer weather. It's no surprise that employees tend to feel brighter, happier and more positive as they shake off the winter blues.

As a business owner, this is great news. Your team is feeling good and they're fired up. Now it's your job to maintain this momentum and channel it into growing your business - and the first place to start is your workplace. A fresh, welcoming and inspirational workspace can become a hive of happy productivity and bubbling optimism.

But on the flip side, a dull and bland office can flatten your team's Spring zest completely.

The difference between a happy, engaged workforce and a lacklustre team can't be defined by one single element; there are many contributing factors that can make or break a positive workplace culture. But one very important factor lies in your physical workplace. Take a moment to look around. Is it happy and buzzing? Or is your hive still in hibernation?

Spring is the perfect time to revamp, refresh and revitalise your serviced office. Don't worry; we're not talking about tearing down walls or ripping up carpets. These relatively quick, easy and low-impact ideas will freshen up your surroundings and inject a little Spring flair into the office:


1. Flower Power
A fresh bunch of flowers injects an immediate splash of colour and scent into the workplace. There are plenty of florists around Central London, and you're bound to pass at least one on your commute to the office. In the West End, try Bulbous on Jermyn Street near our 48 Dover Street offices, or if you're at Garden Studios, pop into Bloomsbury Flowers on Great Queen Street.

For those based at our serviced offices in The City, try Isle of Flowers near Liverpool Street Station, Windsor Flowers at Leadenhall Market or Bobby's Flowers at Cheapside. Markets are a great place to grab a beautiful bouquet, too.

2. Go Evergreen
In addition to fresh flowers, keep your office evergreen with a selection of houseplants. They not only perk up dull corners, look good and inject a little movement and texture into the office; they also promote wellbeing and productivity.


A paper published in 2014 by Dr Chris Knight from Exeter University, part of a wider 10-year study, suggested that workers perform better when plants are added to workplaces. Dr Knight found that employees who actively engage with their surroundings are better workers, and concluded that employees were 15% more productive in an environment that contained houseplants when compared to those working in 'lean' spaces.

3. Celebrate with Spring Colour
The two-day Hindu Spring Festival, Holi, took place over the weekend. This annual celebration is known as the "festival of colours" and signifies various elements, including the arrival of Spring and the end of Winter. Why not take a leaf out of this vibrant Hindu celebration by adding a splash of colour to your workplace walls?

Whether you go for a full makeover, a spot of wallpaper or a sunny feature wall, there are plenty of ways to brighten up your office. Align your choice of colour with your corporate branding, or if you're stuck for ideas, take inspiration from Pantone's Spring 2017 colour palette. Add a splash of Spring into your office with the ocean-like 'Lapis Blue', or 'Primrose Yellow' (think sunshine and daffodils), or even the evocatively named 'Island Paradise'. It's like your summer holiday came early.


4. Change Your Artwork
On the subject of palettes, what better way to inject a stroke of style into your workspace than a beautiful piece of artwork? Landmark has a large collection of contemporary art, with many pieces adorning the walls of our serviced offices, meeting rooms, reception areas and break-out rooms. We are also a proud sponsor and long-term supporter of the University of the Arts London Wimbledon Degree Show, so it's fair to say that art is in our blood.

5. Put Your Walls to Work
Once you've settled on a feature wall or a new colour, why not create a wall-based team space? It can be an attractive and fun Pinterest-style area in which your team posts photos and ideas, or a functional creative place to keep your people working collaboratively. Use a blackboard or chalkboard paint to create a scratch-resistant writeable finish on which your team can thrash out ideas and jot down notes.

How do you revamp, revitalise and refresh your workplace? Share your seasonal ideas and join the conversation on Twitter.

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