The challenge of change: serviced offices pave the way for business stability

The challenge of change: serviced offices pave the way for business stability

In many ways, there has never been a better time to start or grow a business.

Today’s entrepreneurs and small business owners have a remarkable array of growth tools and support services at their disposal, from government-backed financial support and local business-led advice services, to massive investment opportunities for new startups

Indeed, such support tools are proving their worth at a time when business owners face increasing challenges, particularly as the UK navigates Brexit. For any business, especially small firms and startups, this shifting political and economic landscape is daunting to say the least. 

One thing that helps small businesses overcome the challenge of change is flexibility.

In the case of Brexit, it is a unique scenario; it has never been done before and many businesses are unsure as to their immediate future. As such, many organisations are reluctant to make long-term financial commitments, especially when it comes to commercial property.

Indeed, growth in the flexible workspace market is reflective of growing demand by business owners for greater flexibility in the workplace.

The presence of long-established serviced office operators like Landmark Offices, which provide business owners with immediate access to fully-equipped workplaces on flexible agreements, is enabling companies to scale and react to market conditions quickly and efficiently.

Serviced office environments play a number of important roles for businesses seeking commercial property, as highlighted in GKRE’s 2017 report into the UK flexible workspace sector: 

  • Minimal financial risk: Serviced office occupiers are not required to enter into long leases or make long-term financial commitments. Therefore, financial risk is minimal and occupiers can grow or contract as their business needs change.
  • Low setup costs: Unless a bespoke managed office is required, there is no requirement to spend large amounts on rent deposits, legal expenses, office fit-out, or IT infrastructure.
  • Plug and play: The legal process for taking space in a serviced office is quick and infinitely easier than entering into a conventional lease. In most cases, occupiers can move into a serviced office within days or even hours.

Above all, flexible serviced office agreements enable entrepreneurs to focus on their business and their staff, and ignore the finer (distracting) details of managing an office. Building maintenance, cleaning, insurance, business rates: these requirements typically fall under a Facilities Management role or department, of which not every business has the privilege, nor budget, to employ.

On a serviced or managed office agreement, most if not all of these requirements are fulfilled by the workspace operator -- in our case, Landmark Offices.

Serviced office agreements allow clients to simply walk in, plug in and get to work. Fully equipped environments like these take the sting out of commercial property and allow business owners to do what they do best: running and growing their business.

At Landmark, we go several steps further. Our business centre teams provide a whole host of business facilities and skilled services to help pave the way for business growth, including:

  • Professional offices: The provision of private offices in professionally managed business centres across Central London, including The City and the West End. All offices are fully furnished and provided on flexible terms ranging from 3 months to 3 years.
  • Meeting and conference rooms: Every Landmark business centre has a selection of meeting rooms, from small interview rooms to professional boardrooms with audio-visual conferencing facilities. Event space is also available for larger corporate functions.
  • Business support services: Landmark’s on-site management team provides day-to-day support and receptionist services. Our teams can also help with admin tasks such as printing and copying, arranging couriers, design and corporate printing, binding and laminating, and even staff perks such as fresh fruit baskets or gifts for special occasions.
  • Catering and hospitality: For board meetings or events, Landmark can provide a professional corporate venue along with event planning assistance and catering.
  • IT and telecoms: Every serviced office by Landmark comes fully equipped with market-leading IT connectivity and telecoms. Furthermore, Landmark Technologies - a subsidiary of Landmark Offices - provides bespoke technology services for more complex requirements.

These are just some of the key services and facilities offered by Landmark Offices.

All things considered, this list demonstrates the enormous support infrastructure provided by the serviced office sector to facilitate in the growth of small businesses, SMEs, independent contractors, and larger corporate firms.

With small business growth opportunities in London and the UK intensifying, demonstrated by record numbers of startup businesses, ongoing growth in UK self-employed businesses, and rising business confidence - not to mention the service-led office environments designed to support businesses on their growth journeys - in many ways there really has never been a better time to start or grow a business.

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