5 Signs Your Workplace is Like a Living Script of 'The IT Crowd'

5 Signs Your Workplace is Like a Living Script of 'The IT Crowd'

Look around you. When it comes to celebrating diversity, there's no place like the office.

From the sullen to the snooty, the bubbly to the brainy, the workplace is full of truly unique and inimitable characters. Of course you may draw a few parallels between certain individuals - especially if you've ever seen an episode of Channel 4's The IT Crowd.

If you haven't, allow us to enlighten you. And may we suggest you educate yourself on all 4 series of The IT Crowd pronto. You might just have a Eureka moment.

1. "Have you tried turning it off and on again?"

Meet your own version of Roy Trenneman (Chris O'Dowd). While this person's IT knowledge is probably far higher than that of anyone else in the office, their pleasantries are not. This prickly character doesn't have time for people who can't perform basic computing skills, like finding the 'On' switch, because it gets in the way of their heated nonsensical arguments in the windowless basement that's the IT office. Venture down there if you dare.

2. "Did you notice how she didn't even get excited when she saw this original ZX81?"

He's described as having the "social skills of Gollum's less outgoing cousin", yet what Maurice Moss (Richard Ayoade) lacks in his ability to relate to anything that's not electronic, he makes up for in computing brilliance. If you've got a Moss in your office, he or she will be oddly endearing with a hilariously straight logic and a dress sense to rival your grandmother's curtains. Conversations will either send you to sleep or leave you feeling completely muddled. Or both. Still, they'll fix your PC quicker than you can say 'ruddy marvellous'. Only after a bit of grumbling, naturally.

3. "What does IT mean?"

Jen (Katherine Parkinson) knows nothing about IT and is hopelessly clueless about the department she is managing. She gets by, acting as a general agony aunt and doing her best to smooth over relations between IT and the rest of the company. If you've got a Jen in your office, you'll recognise her gullible transparency. Prepare for some embarrassing moments as this character does their best, but has a cringeworthy tendency to say the wrong thing in shareholder meetings. Like, believing that if you type ‘Google’ into Google, you can break the Internet. So no-one try it. OK?

4. "Hell's teeth!"

You could put a whole continent between yourself and a character like Douglas Reynholm (Matt Berry) and you still wouldn't be safe. A wild child who likes to harrass the opposite sex and fritter away the family's ill-fated fortune, woe betide you if this domineering individual takes a shine to you. You'd better get plenty of excuses ready.

5. "An ill wind is blowing"

A perpetual pessimist who normally resides safely concealed out of sight, occasionally re-appearing to deliver pointless tales of doom and gloom? If this sounds familiar, then you have your very own Richmond (Noel Fielding). Mild-mannered and softly spoken, this character has a penchant for extreme heavy metal, black clothing, dark rooms and hanging upside down. Oh, and Heat magazine. But don't underestimate their abilities - one day they might just run the company.


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