11 top Twitter tips to start the day

11 top Twitter tips to start the day

It has 100 million daily active users. It’s valued at $16 billion (£12 billion). And it handles around 500 million posts every single day.

Not bad for a company founded in 2006.

In its relatively short lifetime, Twitter has become a force to be reckoned with. This free social media tool can instantly connect businesses with customers in key markets, opening up valuable communication channels and presenting exciting promotion opportunities.

Yet plenty of small businesses under-utilise Twitter, or ignore it completely. 

Brandwatch reported that out of 1.3 billion Twitter accounts that have been created (as of May 2016), 44% of users have never sent a single Tweet. A staggering 391 million Twitter accounts have no followers at all, rendering them effectively useless.

Given the enormous scale of Twitter and a potential audience of millions, it certainly pays to tune into this dynamic platform. It’s also an excellent customer service tool and helps companies demonstrate transparency, which is becoming all the more important in our user-driven digital world.

Here are 11 instant tips to help jettison your business onto the 140-character social stage:

1: Engage, Don’t Sell: It may be tempting to fire out promotions and sales pitches, but you’ll only bore your followers. Strike a balance between useful, interesting content -- such as stories, local updates, client news and helpful information -- and carefully selected promotions that will appeal to your followers.

2: Discuss Your Industry: Connect with others in your industry by tweeting news, together with your own commentary, that’s related to your business. It’s a great way to demonstrate authority in your industry niche.

3: Keep an Eye on Industry Players: Just as you can demonstrate your own product knowledge and industry authority by posting specific tweets with commentary, it’s also worth responding to relevant tweets posted by other notable companies or groups in your industry. You can start by searching for companies and topics in the main search bar, following reputable and trusted organisations, and engaging with them by sharing and commenting on their posts.

4: Post at Specific Times of the Day: Research suggests that tweets coinciding with typical office worker breaks -- such as lunchtimes and during commutes -- tend to get the most traction. Generally, weekdays are best for B2B tweets while weekends often perform well for B2C posts.

5: Schedule: Rather than posting all at once, spread your tweets throughout the day. Free automation tools like Hootsuite and Tweetdeck enable you to schedule tweets at specific times of day -- perfect for content planning and when you’re away from the office.

6: Post Multiple Times: Don’t assume that posting once is enough. It isn’t. Given the sheer size of Twitter and the number of people using it, most followers will miss your message first time around. If you’re sharing a blog post, schedule it multiple times throughout the week or month. To avoid repetition, intersperse similar tweets with others of a different nature. Again, a scheduling tool can help by providing at-a-glance visibility for the weeks ahead.

7: Develop a Strategy: Twitter feeds move incredibly fast; bland ad-hoc tweets will simply fall into the abyss. Instead, set up a social media strategy with a content calendar and a timeline of tweets. Think about who you’re trying to target, why they should follow you, and how you can solve their problems. Posting regular, helpful, usable content is a great way to increase engagement.

8: Use Visuals: Twitter’s own data states that people are three times more likely to engage with Tweets that contain photos and videos.

9: Use Hashtags: Make your voice heard. Where relevant, add hashtags and tap into Twitter-wide conversations and events, real-time. Only use them if you can link your business in a relevant way. A great example is #MotivationalMonday -- use it to post a humorous image or discussion, or to demonstrate how your product or service can improve dreary Mondays.

10: Be Human: Whilst it’s important for businesses to retain a professional image on social media, don’t let corporate speak kill off your engagement. Social media is about conversations and connections: be friendly, approachable, and human.

11: Get Personal: Twitter is competitive, which means creativity and customisation is imperative. Generic tweets and canned responses won’t cut it. Instead, spin content towards your target audience and if you’re replying directly, keep it personal and friendly.

As ever, we would love to hear your thoughts and suggestions. Why not connect with us on Twitter and tweet your suggestions?

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