10 tips to improve your social media presence

10 tips to improve your social media presence

Nearly one-third of the world uses social networks regularly, according to eMarketer (2016). It’s an exciting marketing opportunity for every business, yet social media has also become a frenzy of activity. To cut through the noise, here at Landmark Offices we’ve created a quick-list of 10 tips to help improve your social media presence, including 5 types of content to help you get started today.

1. Pick your social media channels carefully:

Don’t jump blindly onto every social media channel available - you will only spread your resources too thin. First consider who you want to reach - such as existing customers or new leads - then identify the channels they use regularly. Maximise those channels with a regular stream of quality, engaging content. This guide from Sprout Social is a great place to get started.


2. Plan and publish consistently:

Publishing a single tweet here and there won’t get your voice heard; to create an engaged following, you need to post consistently. Set up an editorial calendar containing details of times and dates of specific posts with links, twitter handles, hashtags and imagery. Once you’ve scheduled a series of regular posts, you’re free to top-up your social activity with fresh as-it-happens content.

3. Timely and topical posts:

Business moves fast, and if you have an exciting announcement you’ll want to share it as soon as possible. Don’t wait for a gap in your social calendar; post your news in a timely manner and if necessary, adjust your scheduled posts to make way for it. The same goes for topical news, events and developments within your industry.

4. Use hashtags (with caution):

Take advantage of relevant hashtags to show followers that you’re involved in current affairs. However, a word of caution. Choose your hashtags carefully and do not use unrelated tags in your posts - particularly if they’re of a potentially sensitive nature.


If you want to create your own hashtag, first check that it hasn’t been used before. Secondly, review it with a fresh pair of eyes. Certain words strung together can create, erm, interesting phrases. Read more about hashtag fails on this Hubspot guide (see No.5 for a particularly cringeworthy example).

5. To post, or not to post?

Like playing golf in a thunderstorm, there are certain things you should avoid on social media. Above all, remember to keep your professional and personal opinions distinctly separate. For instance, you may have your own views relating to UK politics, but sharing them on your company’s social media platforms could easily offend clients or stakeholders. Keep a neutral stance and if you can’t be unbiased, steer clear of the topic altogether.

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Now you’re up to speed with the theory behind social media, it’s time for action. Sometimes however, that blank box prompting you to ‘Write something...’ is a little daunting.

If you’re lost for words, here are 5 business ideas to get you started:

1. Company news and events:

Sharing recent news topics, upcoming events and blog posts is a great way to get your news heard. Remember to share your posts more than once to maximise readership potential, and don’t be afraid to post ‘timeless’ blog content multiple times, even if it’s several months old. For instance, blog articles about your founder’s story or a special endorsement can be utilised many times over.

2. Client news:

Social media isn’t all about you. A great way to increase engagement with clients and followers is to share their news, too. Check their social media profiles regularly and retweet interesting or exciting developments (note: if you’re posting unpublished information, first check they’re happy for the details to be released into the public domain).

3. Local information:

Your location is important to you, and sharing news, events or updates about your community is a great way to connect with local influencers and potential clients.

4. Good feedback:

If you’ve received a shining endorsement and the person behind it is happy for the testimonial to be published, go ahead and share it on your social media channels. But don’t excessively blow your own trumpet. Every time you post self-promoting news, add another 2 or 3 posts that focus on others such as your local community, your clients, or your industry.

5. Advice:

The more useful and engaging your social media activity, the more likely you are to gain active followers who will share your posts. Offer helpful advice relating to your industry or wider topics such as tips for business growth. Share external articles (read them first to make sure they’re suitable!) and tag the author in your post to benefit from further retweets and shares.

Finally, join Landmark Offices on Twitter and tag us in your company news - we’re always happy to share our clients’ achievements!

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