Managed Offices

Filling the gap between fully serviced and long-term conventional leased space.

Accessing Occupational Requirements

Landmark Plc’s corporate team assess occupational requirements and recommend either a serviced, managed or conventional lease option. If a managed office works best for a client, Landmark Plc will source suitable buildings and take on management responsibilities.

Difference Between Serviced Offices & Managed Offices?

Both managed offices and serviced offices are flexible office space solutions that can be convenient for companies who do not want or cannot commit to long-term leases. Serviced offices differ from managed offices in two main aspects. First of all, serviced offices have been built to specification, keeping the needs of modern businesses in mind. Secondly, rental fees for serviced offices are fully inclusive.

On the other hand, managed offices often consist of vacant space rented out by the company or by the individual that owns the space. Since the space will not have been necessarily built to be occupied as an office, tenants may have to invest in things like office furniture and telecommunications. Most managed offices are fitted with basic amenities like workstation partitions and cabling, and their fees may include office cleaning, but they do not offer clerical support, dedicated meeting rooms, reception services, and the full range of facilities offered by serviced offices.

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